Do you want to scale your business?

Do you want to scale your business with Doctors as clients?

Hello, I’m Edwin. For over 35 years, I have been successful at attracting thousands of doctors as clients and investors for a number of organizations. If you’d like help in generating more doctors as clients and investors, then click the red button.

Who Is Edwin Dearborn?

He is an author, podcaster, and salty marketeer. As a Board Member of three successful organizations, he has helped to map the complex landscape of social selling. He has been featured as a marketing expert in Entrepreneur, Social Media Today, and The Orange County Register. Formally educated in marketing and public relations in Hollywood, CA in the early 1990’s, Edwin has since coached thousands of CEOs and business leaders in the United States and Europe.


Our Superpower

We empower you to grow your firm by teaching you exactly how to engage doctors, how to hold their attention, and how to create referral relationships that open you up to a whole network of new doctor clients.

We use a myriad of channels to reach them and to help build your authority in their eyes.

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